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Step 1: Select your computer's operating system to download the KodeFile Installer.
Step 2: After download, launch (double-click) the Installer and follow the easy step-by-step Installation Wizard.
Step 3: Launch KodeFile and register an account by clicking "Not a member? Sign Up" on the Sign In screen.

*To determine Windows bit version, click the Start button, right-click My Computer, and then click Properties. If you see x64 or 64-bit, select the KodeFile Windows 64-bit download. If you don't see x64 or if you see 32-bit, select the KodeFile Windows 32-bit download.

*To determine Linux bit version, execute the 'uname -a' command. The results will read for 32-bit (“i686” or “i386”) or 64-bit (“x86_64”). Linux Debian Installers require Admin privileges.

KodeFile Mobile Apps

Apple480 Google480